Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions
June 2010 Edition

These are our terms and conditions, please read through them and sign on the second page if you accept them.

1. What Decisive Generation will do for you:

1.1 We will calculate the level of any mis-sold payment protection insurance by the lender and, if  appropriate,
pursue on your behalf, a claim to recover these; where possible, reimbursement of the excessive amount, plus
statutory interest and future repayments discontinued.
1.2 We will correspond and negotiate with the defendant on your behalf in this action.  We will require you to sign
a ‘Letter of Authority’ to facilitate this.  
1.3 We will inform you of all offers that we receive from the defendant: evaluate them and advise you in writing
whether we consider it to be in your interest to accept or reject the offer.
1.4 We will forward to you any monies agreed in settlement of your claim with the defendant, subject to the
conditions in parts 3 (e) (i) (ii).
1.5 We will endeavour at all times to provide you with the professional and dedicated service.  We will use all
reasonable skill and care in the processing of your claim for reimbursement. To use due diligence with a regulated
credit agreement agreed or judged to be unenforceable.
1.6 We will endeavour to provide resolution to any claim with us but where this is not possible due to any change
of influence or the business practices of Decisive Generation either internal or external we will seek to resolve your
claim as soon as circumstances permit.
1.7 We will return all your documents (including bank statements, policy or credit agreements) upon receipt of all
monies due in accordance with this agreement.

2. What Decisive Generation will not do for you:

2.1 We will not advise you to pursue a claim that in our opinion has no realistic chance of success, or where the
amount in issue does not in our opinion justify the likely work involved, and we reserve the right to cancel this
Agreement if we form this opinion.
2.2 We will not advise you to accept an offer that we consider inadequate or to reject an offer that we consider to
be reasonable, and we reserve the right to cancel this Agreement if you wish to accept an offer that we consider
inadequate or to reject an offer that we consider to be reasonable.
2.3 We will not accept an offer without your agreement.
2.4 We will not give or offer you financial advice.
2.5 We will not offer Legal Advice directly in the event of your claim going to the court stage but will refer you to
our panel of qualified Solicitors for direct legal assistance.

3. What we expect from you:

3.1 To provide us promptly with all relevant information and items we request to enable us to pursue your claim.
3.2 To provide us with clear instructions.
3.3 To cooperate with us (including sending to us any correspondence you receive directly from the defendant)
3.4 Not to ask us to work in an improper or unreasonable way or to mislead us.
3.5 To provide us with the exclusive authority:
to pursue your claim;
to enter on your behalf into correspondence and negotiations;
3.6 To read all of our terms and conditions for your own reference.
3.7 To retain a copy of our terms and conditions for your own reference.

4. Our Fee:

4.1 We will charge you a flat fee of 25% plus Vat of any monies recovered.   
4.2 Our Fee covers:
Collection of preliminary documents required to facilitate an examination of your account.
4.3 Where applicable the cost of providing you with a professional service with regards to an appointed Agent visit.

5: Cancellation and Refunds

5.1 Should you Choose to Cancel the Contact
5.2 You may cancel the audit at any time by writing to us.
5.3 If you cancel the audit within fourteen (14) days from the date of signature of the Client Agreement we will
refund your payment. (Your statutory rights are not affected).
5.4 If you cancel the Contract more than fourteen 14 days from the date of processing any refunds will be subject
to fair and reasonable deductions for the work that has been carried out.