Individual Voluntary Arrangements
Do you have mounting debts that cannot be managed?
DGC can also apply you to the Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), a solution that can clear your debt in
a fixed period of time --normally 60 months-- and PREVENT bankruptcy. So you can keep the assets that you
have worked hard for.
The IVA is a formal solution of the DGC PLAN. If you have more than 3 creditors and debts greater
than £15,000, we can use government legislation to clear the debt.
The IVA will:
Reduce your monthly payment, to an affordable amount.
Reduce the total that you pay back. Up to 60% of the debt written off!
Reduce the time that you pay to your debts.
Have a firm date when your debts are paid.

The IVA is a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors. On acceptance of the IVA, your
lenders agree that it is in their interest to reduce the debt that you owe, they cannot take any further
legal action against you or contact you again. You will be legally protected from your creditors whilst
you agree to pay the creditors as much as you can afford.
Within moments of speaking to CREDIT RESCUE, we will assess your situation and provide the correct
solution. You are NOT alone!Individuals who own a business can also take advantage of the IVA.

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